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About the 1991 people and housing census
The 1991 census was the last Czechoslovak census before splitting up the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.
The decisive moment of the census was the midnight from March 2 to March 3, 1991. The census date and scope were appointed in accord with UNO recommendations for censuses realised about the year 1990 in more than 130 countries
The decree of government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic no. 124/1987, the decree of government of the Slovak Socialist Republic no. 199/1987, decrees of government the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic no. 186/1990 and no. 649/1991, and the decree of government of the Slovak Republic no. 240/1990 created the legal basis of the census.
The preparation of the census was in its final phase influenced by the rapidly changing social and political situation after November 1989 (disintegration of municipalities, changes in central and local state bodies. A new census element was the survey of religion (last time surveyed in 1950).

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