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About the 2001 population and housing census
The 2001 census was the first census prepared in independent Slovak Republic. The census was the part of a world-wide census realised about the year 2000.
The decisive moment of the census was the midnight from May 25 to May 26, 2001.
The preparation and realisation of the census were realised on the basis of the law no. 165/98. The census was realised in the form of so-called "self-census". The questionnaires (available in addition to Slovak language also in Hungarian, Ukrainian, Ruthenian and Romany languages) allowed answering the maximum of questions by marking pre-assigned answers to enable the data conversion from questionnaire into digital form by means of state-of-art information technologies on the basis of scanning. The use of scanning technology in processing of questionnaires allowed publishing the basic data as early as five months after the census day.
The census was directed and co-ordinated by Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic which entrusted the Institute of Informatics and Statistics with elaboration of basic parts of automated processing.

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